How To Evaluate Electronic Voting Systems?

Do you think paper feedbacks are much enough to vote? With the large population of the work area, the electronic system something is needed.

If we analyze in the right direction, then I can say electronic voting systems, are best suited for this purpose. They are sharper and smarter.

An electronic voting system such as an ARS is a system of wireless keypads used by a presenter to poll the audience and receive answers to questions in real-time. Electronic voting systems can speed the counting of votes and can provide answers more accessible by the public.

Electronic voting systems are made up of different components such as a wireless keypad for the audience to feed response, a response capture software system, a storage device for recording the answers, and a display unit to display the data collected.

When the presenter shows PowerPoint presentation with a computer integrated into ARS software; questions are displayed on the responses to the screen and the audience with their wireless keyboards. The answers are immediately sent to a receiver that is connected to the presenter’s computer, and the audience response software collects and displays a representation of the data in the presentation.

If there is public attention, it is true comments. An e-voting system should also be able to track audience responses and display of individual voting results immediately. And should be created immediately after the responses are gathered a summary report.

Incoming data from the public are stored in the database that is in the host computer, and reports can be generated for further analysis and judgment.