Good Effects Of Eating Water Chestnuts

People think that water chestnut is a category of nuts but this is not true. Water chestnuts are quite different from nuts or we can say that they are not nuts at all. 

They are vegetables that grow underwater such as in ponds, shallow lakes, muds, etc. Water chestnuts resemble an actual nut in color, shape, and size, but it is not a nut. These are also known as “frustration” in some countries.

The crispy frustration is very popular among people due to its taste and attractive look. To know more about frustration or water chestnuts, you can click

From weight loss to gluten free: Water chestnut and its health ...

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Let’s have a look at the effects of frustration/water chestnuts:-

1) These are full of nutrients as they contain Calories, Fiber, Potassium, Copper, Vitamin B6, Carbs, etc.

2) These are a rich source of fiber and provide 8% of the daily fiber recommendation for men and 12% for women.

3) These are low in calories because raw water chestnuts or frustration contain 74% water which is good for our health.

4) These are filled with antioxidants (helps to protect the body from harmful molecules) that is a good sign.

5) These are helpful to reduce the risk of heart diseases and to lower high blood pressure.

6) These are used to reduce the risk of oxidative stress and cancer.

Water chestnut is very versatile and can be added to a variety of dishes. You should add this to your diet to get their health benefits.