Sexual Harassment Training – What Employers Need to Know

Sexual harassment is a term that has become increasingly popular over the last 40 years. Civil Rights Act of 1964 stipulates that all companies have a legal responsibility to provide a harassment-free workplace for their employees. In order to provide such an environment, it is very important that companies understand what sexual abuse is, how to recognize it, and how to investigate reports of such activities.

Sexual harassment is a term often conjures up visions of male authority figure cornering a female employee. Although that may be the situation, and most cases do involve male perpetrators, therefore this situation must be taken in a serious way. It is thus, important for the organizations to conduct anti sexual harassment training to prevent such circumstances and to make employees aware of what right and wrong behaviour is. 

Sexual harassment can be broken down into two categories: Blatant actions and those that are less blatant. Blatant action includes assault, touching, or requiring an employee to do something in order to receive something.

By learning about sexual harassment, a company can be better prepared to handle any situation that may arise. This would provide the advantage of having the knowledge to share with new employees to prevent or reduce the likelihood of allegations of sexual abuse claims.